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New Mercedes C class moves upscale in features

Author : o-spire Date : 2/7/2014 10:12:28 PM
 Mercedes-Benz is moving the new C-class sedan further upmarket and making it lighter, bigger and better equipped than its predecessor.


The new C class will be more luxurious and positioned further away from the new entry-level CLA sedan. To widen the gap between the vehicles, Mercedes has equipped the C class with a more upscale interior and added optional driver assistance packages.


The styling is crisper with more angles and slippery lines, giving the car the appearance of a baby S class. It will be the first car in its segment to have an optional air suspension, Mercedes says.


“In all, the perceived quality of the new C-class feels like an upgrade to a higher class of travel,” Mercedes-Benz said in a statement.


The new C class will be unveiled at the Detroit auto show in January. The car is the best-selling model worldwide for Mercedes. Since the current model was introduced in 2007, more than 2.4 million have been sold.

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